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Indiana congregation membership

Membership with The Satanic Temple Indiana is a multi-step process. Membership is open to individuals aged 18 and older who live in Indiana or the surrounding states. Please review the steps to congregation membership below.

  1. Become familiar with The Satanic Temple, The Seven Tenets, and TST Campaigns.

  2. Join The Satanic Temple - Indiana Forum on Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

  3. Attend at least ONE in-person event or at least TWO virtual events. If you are using two virtual events as membership qualifying events, one of them must be a quarterly town hall. Those with an inability to attend in-person events due to a disability or other circumstance should follow the guidelines posted in our accessibility policy

  4. After meeting the in-person or virtual event requirement, fill out our Membership Application. This must be submitted within six months of meeting our attendance requirement.

  5. Once received, Congregation leadership will review your application and reach out to schedule an interview. If you have not met the in-person or virtual meeting requirement, or it has been more than six months since you met the requirements, your application will not be considered.

  6. Following your interview, members of leadership will discuss your application and interview and make a determination. You will be informed of the decision within 48 hours of your interview.

  7. If offered membership, you will be provided membership paperwork. Once returned you will be considered a congregation member and be admitted to our Members-only groups.

Indiana faq

Who are you?

We are an affiliate of The Satanic Temple, a non-theistic Satanic organization with congregations around the country and abroad. We are the only official congregation in Indiana and represent the entire state. We have members throughout Indiana and do not have a physical location in any city.


What do you believe in?

Our ethos is based in the holistic application of the Seven Tenets, which you can read here.  

We also recommend you read The Satanic Temple's FAQs.


Do you worship Satan?

No, we do not believe in anything supernatural, nor do we worship any being.


So why Satan?

Satan, to us, is a metaphor representing the unfettered pursuit of knowledge, personal liberation, and rebellion against arbitrary authority. Our Satan is the literary Satan of Anatole France, John Milton, and William Blake. It is not the evil being of Abrahamic mythology or Hollywood fantasy.


Similarly, we do not believe in or promote symbolic "evil." We believe that things that cause unnecessary suffering are bad, and that things that alleviate suffering are good.


What do you do?

Our Congregation holds regular meetings (both virtually and in-person) and participates in a number of community projects and fundraisers that support our local community and The Satanic Temple’s national and global campaigns.


What if I don't live in X area?

Our Congregation makes an effort to host events throughout the State in order to accommodate our membership. Our system isn’t perfect and we can’t visit every city and town in the state, but we do make an effort to move around regionally when possible. Please be patient and remember that some travel may be necessary to make an in-person event. For those unable to make our in-person meets, we do host virtual events monthly for members and quarterly for nonmembers.

What we are:

We are a non-theistic Satanic religious organization. We seek to cultivate a space for like-minded individuals, working to mutually support each other in our growth as Satanists. Community engagement and mission-specific activism are essential components of what we do. If advancing our causes is not a primary reason you are thinking of joining, this is probably not the group for you.


What we are not:

The Satanic Temple is not a catch-all for every cause. While you may be very passionate about your cause, if it does not promote or advance the specific causes associated with TST and uphold the Seven Tenets, you will not find traction here. We encourage you to seek groups that do. We are also not out to destroy other religions, so please leave personal vendettas at the door. If you are unclear on TST's mission, please visit the main website.


What is required to join?

The Satanic Temple Indiana Membership Requirements can be found here

To join the International Organization, please visit this link


Do I have to be a Satanist to join?

While some Congregations do require you to be a Satanist to become a member, we do not. We accept allies who agree with our ethos, the Seven Tenets, are committed to growing our congregation, and who support TST's national campaigns. That being said, you should have a basic understanding of what The Satanic Temple is before joining. 


What is expected of members?

We expect members to help grow our congregation as well as support The Satanic Temple's causes. Members are expected to be active and engaged in our community and attend a minimum of one event every six months. This can be achieved through helping with events, hands-on volunteering, fundamental project logistics, attending in-person or virtual meetings, and more. If you do not meet this minimum requirement, your membership may be terminated. 


Beyond engagement and time, we also uphold a code of conduct that every member is required to sign. We expect professionalism, common courtesy, and respect to those around you. We are all working for the same cause. If you are a part of the congregation, your congregation-mates are your allies. Treat them like it. This group has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, violence (and threats thereof), bigotry, misogyny, transphobia, and the like. We strive to be an inclusive group for all types and races of people and the safety of our membership is paramount. If you cannot abide by this structure, this is not the group for you. Our Co-Chapterheads reserve the right to dismiss a member at any time.


I agree with everything you said! Where do I sign up?

Please visit our membership requirements and begin the process here

Indiana FAQ

global membership

For Membership with The Satanic Temple National, please visit the official website. This membership will place you on their mailing list to receive updates on activities and campaigns.

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